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All Things SodaStream is my way of helping you get the most out of this carbonating machine.  I’ve been making carbonated water for years and was reluctant to get a SodaStream.  But once purchased, I realized it make absolutely great carbonated water.  So let’s get the word out on do’s and don’t of this carbonating wonder.

Purchasing your SodaStream            

Do look for sales and coupons at stores like Kohl’s, Sears and JC Penney.  Don’t pay list price!  I got mine at Kohl’s for $79.00 with an additional 10% off coupon.  

My Jet model is the lowest priced one offered. Even if you decide to get one with added bells and whistles, they all make water fizzy the same way. In my opinion the extras needlessly drive up the cost of a nice basic seltzer making machine.

Using your machine safely The SodaStream’s technology is ready to use right out of the box. Just screw in the CO2 tank and it’s good to go. But wait, pay attention to some detail here. Become familiar with it by reading and understanding the instructions.


Never carbonate anything but water.  The buzzing and hissing sounds heard during carbonation are coming from the pressure release valve venting excess CO2 pressure.  This prevents the bottle from exploding!  If syrupy water gets into this valve, it will eventually clog and render the machine useless.  Also, this sticky mess will promote bacterial growth inside your machine.

Using your machine wisely

Making drinks with chlorinated tap water will not win taste contests.  There are many ways to clean up your water.  My daughter has a Brita water pitcher that keeps great tasting water at your fingertips.  Look for the many alternatives available.

Do use very cold water to carbonate.  Somewhere out there is a law of physics that states that the colder the water, the better CO2 is absorbed into this water.  Also, after carbonating, let the bottle sit about a minute while still attached to the machine.  This gives the CO2 more time to equilibrate and there is less hissing when the bottle is unscrewed.

There is an expiration date on each plastic SodaStream bottle.  The material used to make the bottle can only stand so much stress from being pressurized over and over.   Do yourself a favor and buy new bottles as this date approaches.

There are a number of ways to improve on the selection of SodaStream syrups, and also improving the CO2 supply to the machine.  Just look at the information on the top right of this page to start making your SodaStream even better.

Final words

See how easy it is to use our syrups with your SodaStream.

Read what people are saying who tried our syrups.  Lots of SodaStream users here!

Look at my review of the CO2 Doctor’s method of attaching an external CO2 tank to your SodaStream.

Pittsburgh Soda Pop Syrups

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Upgrading the CO2 system

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