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Soda Syrup

Flavor List

The syrups are made from pure cane sugar with no added corn syrup and contain no artificial sweeteners. They are handmade in small batches and are always fresh for your enjoyment.

American Classic Root Beer

Just plain good root beer like our grandparents enjoyed

Root beer that is light, satisfying and tasty

Birch Beer

Smooth & creamy with lots of vanilla

Vanilla Root Beer

Flavor is bumped up with added cinnamon & clove

Spiced Root Beer

Licorice Root Beer

More licorice for olde tyme flavor

An old west brew.  I’m sure Pecos Bill would have agreed.


Blue Raspberry Fizz

A pleasantly sweet blue sparkling drink

Lemon Rush

Love the rich and lemony all natural flavor

Wild Cherry

Maraschino cherries, vanilla and spices, what more is there to say!

Vanilla with a touch of honey

Cream Soda with Honey

Golden Cream Soda

Vanilla lovers unite.  This is the ONE!

Concord grape juice and added spices make it a must try

Grape Royale

Virgin Island Ginger Beer

Fiery all natural ginger taste

Bazooka & Dubble Bubble move over, this one has THE taste

Bubble Gum Blast

A deep, rich all natural flavor

Steel City Cola

All citrus natural goodness

Salty Dog Lime

Deep orange flavor with a hint of raspberry

Blood Orange

Natural peach and champagne flavors

Peach Champagne

Bubbly all natural flavors

Strawberry Champagne

Your favorite dessert in a glass

Strawberry Cheesecake

Bananas and brown sugar  YUMMY!

Bananas Foster

A rich vanilla and butter rum recipe dating back to Merry Old England


Scrumptious full-bodied cherry flavor

Black Cherry

All natural sour apple goodness

Sour Green Apple

Ginger Ale

Tastefully pale and dry.  A Vernors like ginger ale.

Amazing Mint

Refreshing as a cool breeze.  All natural too.

Mo’ Mango

A tropical all natural fruity sensation

A bright and sunny fruit sensation

Sparkling Pomegranate

Like having a gooey cinnamon bun in a glass

Cinnamon Swirl

A chocolate and peanut butter combo

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Dark Chocolate Fudge

Food of the gods!  Cocoa delight!

Hershey’s cocoa makes it chocolaticious!

Milk Chocolate Kiss


Suzie Q’s


Lightly sweetened cool natural cucumber flavor



Rich with orange creamy glory



It’s sweet & tart. Like Orange Crush but with an attitude!

Mint Ginger Mama

Cool & thirst-quenching. A fruity ginger and spearmint sensation


Sippin’ Cola

Coffee & Cola carbonated refreshment.  Coca-Cola BlāK lovers will be thrilled!

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So Sweet


It’s Steel City Cola sweetened so right!

   Valley Dew

 Down in the

Come off the Mountain and enjoy the Valley brew!

   Mexican Dew


Added “Margarita Magic” to my Valley Dew makes it a south of the border favorite.


   Mexican Dew

This “Mex Mix” is soft & silky smooth as the name suggests.