make your own soda pop at home

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How to carbonate water at home for soda pop

Using the SodaStream’s proprietary CO2 refills can be expensive.  See my in depth evaluation of the CO2 Doctor’s equipment in making my SodaStream’s CO2 supply even better.

My Evaluation

Build your own carbonation system for water, juice, beer or most any beverage using a standard 2 liter soda bottle.

This author opted for the Carbonator Cap system instead of a SodaStream.

Cool Tools site

Yes, you can carbonate using ordinary kitchen ingredients.

It’s simple and looks like fun!  

Think like a Geek

For those of you who like to tinker, start gathering and put these parts together for your very own carbonation system.  

Knowing what each part does in making your water fizzy will certainly impress when showing off your homemade soda pop creations.

Improvised Equipment & Soda Fountains

This quick and easy setup uses a special soda cap along with a hand held CO2 dispenser.

It’s versatile and you can take it anywhere!

Fizz Giz

You can buy seltzer at the grocery store, which by far, is the easiest way to turn my syrups into soda pop.

Use Seltzer from Grocery

In addition to my SodaStream, I have a Carbonator Cap and tire valve setups that quickly adds fizz to my water.

My Carbonator Cap/Valve Stems

Check out each of the following ways to make seltzer for your syrups